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Ydraiki Pantechniki
Construction Specifications


In order to proceed in building or rebuillding a house in Hydra Greece, it is necessary that the construction meet specific specifications. Since the island has some peculiarities, it is necessary that the company that undertakes the construction of your building be knowledgeable, efficient and have the experience in dealing with the authorities in charge.

The Hydraiki Pantechniki Company undertakes all aspects of the construction of buildings, homes and houses in Hydra Greece, attending to all the procedural requirements, including:

  • Buy or sale property in Hydra
  • comprehensive dossier with the construction permit and all the necessary approvals (from the archaeological, forestry and town planning authorities)
  • construction and supervision
  • the general maintainance of your house, as well as its supervision per regular intervals, at the duration of your absence
All constructions on Hydra Island must be built according to the Hydra architectural style so that the island retains its traditional character.

Our plans are modeled to the Manors of Hydra and at the same time provide all the modern installations for ensure comfort and safety.

If you are building your house in Hydra, rest assured that our company uses only the highest-quality materials and the most experience construction crews.
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