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Why Hydra


Hydra, with its continuous offering to tourism and to the culture of our country, remains the adornment of the Saronic Gulf and one of the most important resorts that Greece has to offer.

The city of Hydra, represents a big part of the Island's quaint traditional architecture, which combines insular and land-lubber characteristics.

Simple houses and manors, differentiate with a quaint, but yet impressive architecture, which is not met in other parts of Greece and abroad. This architecture is in every way unique and someone must come and see it for himself. All the manors of Hydra are stone made and usually they are three or four stories tall, because of the sloping ground.

Most of the Manors have got external ladders, which lead to a flat roof. They have got rooms, which are spacy and high-ceiling. These rooms have got decorations, such as wall paintings, garlands, painted wooden ceilings, door cases and geometrical drawings on the marple floor.

If you are thinking about building a house or buying property in Hydra Island, keep in mind the following benefits.

Firstly, the island is constantly developing as a holiday destination, being mentioned frequently as one of the finest vacation spots in Greece.

Secondly, the tourist infrastructure of the island is also developing, providing prospective land owners the opportunity to use the property in various ways.

Thirdly, the Ydraiki Pantechniki Company can handle the entire procedure of building construction or location of land, relieving you of the mundane and often frustrating process of procuring documentation and authorizations. Finally, you will be hard pressed to find a more beautiful island in the region, where you are provided with both the pristine island setting and well-organized infrastructure.

For those who are considering building a house on a Greek Island, Hydra is an excellent choice. Buying property in Hydra is a simple procedure.

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