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Welcome to Ydraiki Pantechniki!

Hydra, with its continuous offering to tourism and to the culture of our country, remains the adornment of the Saronic Gulf and one of the most important resorts that Greece has to offer.

The town which is the centre of the whole island, is built amphitheatrically around the port. It looks glamorous like an art-paint, with grey, white and blue colours above the blue of the sea, an exemplar of architectonics and aesthetics. Right and left from the entrance of the port, there are the parapets with the Canons, which protected the town.

On the Island you will enjoy romantic walks in the narrows, picturesque, paved alleys.Generally, Hydra is famous for the calm life is offers to the visitors in the day, but also for the intense, cosmopolitan night life.

The company Ydraiki Pantechniki with 25 years of experience is active in the area of construction and restoration of all kinds of properties on Hydra Island Greece.

With experience and specialised technical expertise you are assured of irreproachable work conducted in a timely manner, to high standard of quality and managed responsibly.

For you, it provides economy of money and time. We supply multi-annual guarantees for the good manufacture of your property.

Finally you, we consult for buying and selling real estate providing you with all the essential information and details you need.

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